Google Bard Got A New Update [July 2023]

Did you know that Bard, the advanced language model, has recently made remarkable progress in transforming multilingual communication? With over 40 new languages, including Arabic, Chinese, German, Hindi, and Spanish, Bard has significantly expanded its reach and accessibility.

But that’s not all. Bard now offers text-to-speech capabilities for these languages, taking the user experience to a new level. And that’s not all either. The integration of Google Lens allows you to upload images alongside text in conversations, opening up endless possibilities for communication.

Plus, you can pin, rename, and have multiple conversations simultaneously, making organization and efficiency a breeze. Sharing conversations with others has also been made easier through shareable links.

And guess what? Bard gives you more control over the conversation with five new options to modify its responses. With expanded access to all 27 European Union countries and Brazil, Bard is becoming the go-to choice for multilingual communication worldwide.

And to top it off, Bard supports exporting Python code to Replit and Google Colab, offering you ultimate flexibility.

Get ready to revolutionize multilingual communication with Bard!

What’s New

Now, with Bard, you can have multiple conversations going at once. You can pin them for easy access and even rename them, giving you ultimate control over your multilingual communication experience.

This groundbreaking feature allows you to seamlessly switch between conversations and keep track of important discussions without hassle. Whether juggling multiple projects or engaging in various personal conversations, Bard ensures you stay organized and efficient.

Additionally, Bard introduces the ability to share conversations through shareable links. This enables effortless collaboration with colleagues, friends, or family members. You can invite others to join the conversation and contribute their insights with just a few clicks.

Bard’s innovative approach to multilingual communication empowers you to connect, collaborate, and revolutionize how you interact with people across the globe.

Features and Capabilities

Access all the new features and capabilities of Bard, such as text-to-speech capabilities in over 40 languages and the integration of Google Lens for image uploads in conversations.

With Bard, you can now communicate effortlessly in multiple languages, making connecting with people from different cultures and backgrounds easier than ever. Pinning conversations, renaming them, and having multiple conversations simultaneously allows seamless multitasking.

Sharing conversations with others through shareable links promotes collaboration and efficient communication. Modify Bard’s responses with five new options to personalize your conversations and enhance the user experience.

Expanded access to all 27 European Union and Brazil countries ensures that Bard is available to a wider audience. Export Python code to Replit and Google Colab for convenient coding and development.

Bard truly revolutionizes multilingual communication by providing innovative features and capabilities.

Expanded Access

With Bard, you can effortlessly connect with people from over 40 new languages, allowing you to converse across cultures and backgrounds. The expanded access of Bard brings forth a multitude of possibilities for global communication.

Here are four ways in which Bard’s expanded access revolutionizes multilingual communication:

  1. Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Bard’s availability in over 40 new languages enables seamless communication between individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, fostering collaboration and innovation on a global scale.
  2. Enhanced Understanding: Adding text-to-speech capabilities in over 40 languages allows for a deeper understanding of conversations, as users can now listen to the spoken word in their preferred language.
  3. Visual Communication: The integration of Google Lens empowers users to upload images alongside text in conversations, facilitating visual communication and enriching the exchange of ideas.
  4. Easy Sharing: Bard’s shareable links enable users to effortlessly share conversations with others, promoting knowledge sharing and fostering connections across borders.

Bard’s expanded access breaks down language barriers, enabling a truly interconnected world where communication knows no bounds.


In conclusion, Bard is a tool that is trying to revolutionize multilingual communication. With its recent advancements in language capabilities and user-friendly features, Bard has become a game-changer.

It’s like having a language wizard by your side, effortlessly translating and communicating in over 40 languages. From the seamless integration of text-to-speech and Google Lens to the improved organization and sharing options, Bard has truly transformed how we connect with others globally.

It’s as if a language barrier has been shattered, opening up a world of possibilities for effortless and meaningful communication. Experience the power of Bard and witness the magic of multilingual conversation unfold before your eyes.

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