AWS Cloud Skills will seek to fill the IT talent gap

With AWS Cloud Skills, individuals and organizations can strengthen their cloud skills. AWS Training and Certification has created two interactive courses: Individual and Team.

Characteristics of the new training

The individual subscription implements interactive, challenge-based learning in a live AWS environment. The Team subscription allows you to act as an administrator who can track course progress and view reports. Both subscriptions provide access to highly interactive premium resources, including hands-on applications and challenges. All of this will enhance the cloud expertise of the trainees.

Three new technical roles have been developed for AWS Cloud Quest: Solution Architect, Serverless Developer, and Machine Learning Specialist. On the other hand, the package includes challenges on AWS Jam Journey and, AWS Jam Open, AWS Builder Labs. And, of course, the complete AWS prep courses and certification exams.

Scott Barneson, GM of AWS Training, says these two new courses support the available free training. “Everyone learns in their way, and according to their goals. That’s why we’re continually innovating,” he says. “This training meets our customers’ demand for digital and interactive training. Available to customers worldwide. The Team subscription allows you to train more than 50 employees and follow them along the way with the administrator feature.”

Learn cloud skills while having fun

AWS Cloud Quest is seen as a “very special” cloud skills training game. Fun in learning was a goal of the AWS designers. AWS Cloud Quest offers an interactive and fun experience. Training in it makes one easily familiar with AWS Management Console and other AWS services.

This way, learning is fun, and skills are learned faster. And it helps to improve efficiency, job security, and employee compensation. AWS also offers two options: the virtual classroom and the live classroom.

Bridging the Cloud Skills Gap with AWS Cloud Skills

This year global cloud spending will reach 22%, or $396 billion. However, this growth is not accompanied by training to build the right digital skills for the intended transformation.

Companies will have to pay up to $6.5 trillion if this situation drags on. This includes delayed product launches, lower customer satisfaction, and lost business through 2025.

Barneson supports that every company must invest in its employees when committing to the cloud. It can also think long-term by inviting the creation of new cloud talent internally. “Involving all of the company’s employees in the digital transformation guarantees everyone’s success. This means investing in training and cloud certification,” Barneson adds.

AWS, the world’s leading cloud provider, has AWS S3, the secure, cost-effective, and available cloud storage from AWS.

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